“Honey, When I said I always wanted a Greenhouse, this isn’t really what I meant.”

The view from the top..Roof Inspection gets even more interesting!

Submitted by our very own Kevin Stripling and published in the January 2011 ASHI Reporter – The Power Flower Shower!

Flower Power shower

Decorate it however you like, it’s still not right!

Foundation and Structural issues can be costly to repair. Be sure you know the true condition of that crack in the basement wall.

This isn’t what they meant by feeling the earth move…

 You NEVER know what you’ll find under a house.  This one shows us the handiwork of the Cable Guy.  Of course the standing water is always fun too.


Looking for Hoffa? Ask the cable guy…

Concerned about overloading your electrical system? This is what NOT to do!


An electrical distribution panel mounted directly under the bathub of a 1st floor bathroom. Certainly not the ideal location.
REMEMBER – Electric & Water DO NOT mix!

Electrical Distribution Panel